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Kyle Wooten L.Ac.
  • West Point (United States Military Academy), graduated 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree

  • Fingerlakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, graduated 2019 with a Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM)… that means Acupuncture AND herbal medicine. This included internships in VA hospitals, as well as small town clinics.
  • Studied Kung Fu, which included Chinese Medicine knowledge, from 2014 to present day… Thisthis not only pointed me towards a career in Acupuncture, it also provided me with the skills to succeed and help others.

Kyle Wooten L.Ac.
  • Five years of experience working in Treasure Valley, One year before that in Upstate New York; total five years working under a more experienced Acupuncturist, and one year working on my own.

  • Rescue Diver courses while in the Army; EMT-Basic courses after the Army; and regular CPR/First Aid/First Responder training to stay updated.

  • Annual Continuing education to ensure that my knowledge doesn’t stagnate and I continue to serve my community effectively.

  • Continuing growth of knowledge from the Kung Fu Association, which is enhancing many of my skills.

  • Specializing in Battlefield Acupuncture, which is geared towards pain management, and “homework”, which is geared towards self-empowerment for my patients.

Philosophy towards acupuncture
I believe all medicine functions best A) when it limits whatever is interfering with your daily life and your goals, and B) when it does so while not growing to become a necessary part of your routine. Self-care is the most important aspect of our health, and a large part of my job, as a traditional Acupuncturist and a modern medical practitioner, is to give you the tools to not need me anymore. I’m happy to see folks regularly, for tune-ups and any new issues that pop up, but I do believe many issues can and should be managed with diligent self-care, and occasional input from me and from a person’s medical care team.

What Clients Say About Us

Sterling RadkeSterling Radke
21:52 09 Jul 24
My wife had a sudden impairment of speech, stuttering and almost slurring. As well as twitching and shakeness of limbs and we received no information from the hospital about why or what to do. Our cherished friends invited her for a last minute session for deep precisionmassage, acupuncture and cupping after going over her symptoms the night before. After the session she was close to normal in speech and body control! She will undoubtedly get some much needed rest. Kyle is absolutely amazing. I would recommend a visit for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being!
Jessica WhiteJessica White
16:39 25 Jun 24
Very very thorough, pleasant. Professional. By end of session felt significantly better. Made another appointment , looking forward to it.
Noel KopkeNoel Kopke
16:48 23 Jun 24
Kyle did something that my medical doctors hadn’t been able to do before. He explained to me why i was in pain and explained how everything works togther. After my first visit i can start feeling the effects. I cant wait till my next visit.
23:58 16 Jun 24
Lissa NeedhamLissa Needham
02:55 30 May 24
Kyle is so knowledgeable and understanding. He listened to my issues and explained things in detail. If anyone is tired of pain they have , please go see him! He made my severe pain go away when not one doctor would or even could. I appreciate his caring and sympathetic personality!! Support his Kuna business!!! He will definitely make a difference in your life with his skills!!!
00:21 25 May 24
If you don’t go see Kyle at Kuna Wellness for an accupuncture session, you are missing out! I felt so relaxed and felt like I had known Kyle forever. I have a series of appointments scheduled.
Kate LouiseKate Louise
22:02 10 May 24
Great care and knowledge, explains what he is doing and why. Good relief from symptoms. Clean relaxing environment.
14:04 04 May 24
I have suffered from neck pain and immobility for quite some time. I have tried chiropractic in the past with not much relief. I’m glad I gave acupuncture a try. Kyle is very knowledgeable and spent time asking questions to determine the best treatment for my issues. With massage/acupuncture sessions, combined with at home exercise , I am seeing relief from my neck issues. I’m very pleased to find such an amazing acupuncturist as Kyle in our small town of Kuna!
Kaitlyn GarciaKaitlyn Garcia
16:16 19 Apr 24
What a cool experience! I was feeling stuffy and fatigued from lingering cold symptoms and with Kyle’s expertise he was able to move the gunk through and out of my body. I feel 10x better, more energized, and I can breathe easier now. He was intuitive, careful, kind, knowledgeable, and all around a great practitioner. I will definitely be back!
Robert RobertsRobert Roberts
21:53 03 Apr 24
Literally took my pain away. I tried chiropractor, Dr, medicine massage. Nothing worked and I was tired of crying. Thought I’d give this a try. It’s been worth every penny. Highly recommend giving him a try.
Darci SteeleDarci Steele
13:05 22 Feb 24
Great experience, Kyle explained things very clearly and showed me some really good stretches to do afterward. He helped my neck and arm pain tremendously.
21:44 20 Feb 24
Jeffrey Van FleetJeffrey Van Fleet
17:09 13 Feb 24
Great experience, very knowledgeable. Best pain reduction yet with acupuncture!
Bob ButlerBob Butler
03:57 27 Jan 24
This is Sandy Butler. I think Kyle is the best acupuncturist that has treated me. He is quiet, gentle and know exactly how to help with my pain. I have recommended him to many of my friends and will continue to do so.
A.P. ReedA.P. Reed
15:30 25 Jan 24
Kyle took care of my back and neck problems. I’m a contractor and need my body in working order to be able to complete projects. I was skeptical of acupuncture, I am no longer. Thank you Kyle.
Josh OwensJosh Owens
03:54 29 Sep 23
Kyle is excellent. He listened to me, was attentive and knowledgable, and very good at finding the trouble areas. My neck and shoulders are so much less painful and greater mobility. Kyle has done a great job and I will continue to use his service!
Doug ManningDoug Manning
20:18 27 Sep 23
Kyle is great to work with. He was the first acupuncturist I have visited and the sessions have improved my lower back pain significantly.

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